Fedor’s Brother Passes Medical For Russian War Enlistment

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The youngest brother of heavyweight MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko is reported to have passed the medicals required to enlist in the Russian army.

After losing ground in the war it began in Ukraine earlier this year, Russia announced what was described as a “partial mobilization” last month. However, many have speculated that the number of military-aged males being recruited is surpassing the originally mentioned 300,000 number.

Unsurprisingly, the mass push for enlistment has seen some notable MMA figures involved, both in terms of their respective decisions and views on the ongoing invasion, which has caused the continent’s worst refugee crisis in around 80 years.

Now, a famed martial arts surname has become associated with the war after Ivan Emelianenko, younger brother of Fedor and Aleksandr, volunteered to join his nation’s invasion of Ukraine.

While both of his brothers have gone on to more notoriety in combat sports, Ivan also looked to follow in their footsteps at one stage, with the 34-year-old boasting a background in sambo.

And like Fedor, Ivan has past military experience. The youngest Emelianenko served in a special forces unit for Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Now, having passed the medicals after volunteering to fight, Ivan looks set to join the front lines in the coming days.

Aleksandr Confirms Enlistment Of His & Fedor’s Brother

News of Ivan’s decision to fight in the war was announced by Aleksandr Emelianenko during an interview with Match TV.

“Ivan will be sent as a volunteer under contract. I know that he’s already passed a medical examination. When exactly he’ll go, I can’t say,” Aleksandr said.

In another interaction with RBC Sport, the 41-year-old Emelianenko explained that he isn’t able to follow suit. However, he did insist that should he be called upon, he’d be more than willing to fight.

“I am not eligible for military service, I wasn’t called up… If the Motherland calls me to defend the borders, I’ll go. I just didn’t serve in the army. My brother served in the special forces, so he volunteered.”

While Fedor has not addressed his brother’s enlistment publicly, he has previously appeared to express his support for the Russian invasion and subsequent enlistment, which has led to widespread protests across the nation and in Dagestan.

During a recent interview with Championat, the 46-year-old Emelianenko commented on the decision of many Russian men to avoid being drafted into the war.

“There are different [reactions] in my environment, people have different thoughts, questions arise,” Emelianenko said. “But for me personally, it was a great discovery and a slight shock when you read the news in our country, what is happening in the military registration and enlistment offices and that people are fleeing the draft.” (h/t Low Kick MMA)

Fedor’s comments came after reports that AMC Fight Nights veteran Marif Piraev fled to Georgia after being summoned to an enlistment office.

What do you make of Ivan Emelianenko’s decision to volunteer to fight in Ukraine?

All quotes h/t MENA FN.

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