Morning Report: Michael Bisping debates how much money he’d need to do Jackass 4 stunt with Francis Ngannou

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As the old saying goes, everybody has a price. But for some things, that price can be pretty high and taking a low blow from Francis Ngannou might be right near the top of the list.

Fresh off his performance in Fast & Furious 9, UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is returning to the big screen later this year with a cameo in the upcoming Jackass 4 film where he was brought in with one specific task: to punch someone below the belt. Here’s how Ngannou described the scene (h/t MiddleEasy).

“That’s the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen. Man, I had to punch somebody in the nuts,” Ngannou said, “I did it the first time, (and they said) ‘Listen man, we know you. People know that you’re the hardest puncher in the world. It wasn’t hard enough.’ I was like ‘Are you kidding me? Like, I’m nervous, I could hurt this guy. Did he at least have kids or something?”

Known as possibly the hardest puncher in UFC history, it’s no surprise that Ngannou was recruited for a stunt like this as it is directly in the Jackass wheelhouse. And as with many Jackass stunts, it raises the high-brow philosophical question of: How much money would it take for you to do that? A question which UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping recently tried to figure out on his Believe You Me podcast.

“This is ludicrous. This is crazy. They’re going to let Francis Ngannou punch them in the balls as hard as he can. Punch them in the nuts for Jackass 4. That’s insane. There’s just no way…. (That’s like) a Toyota Prius going at a healthy pace. Your Uber driver takes his eye off the road for a split second and where does he hit you? Right in the balls. Listen, I don’t know man. How much money would they have to pay you for Francis Ngannou to punch you in the balls as hard as he can? There’s no way! There’s no amount of money! That would explode a testicle!

“Francis Ngannou will pop your balls. They will explode like a balloon. If he punches you with bare knuckles to the testicles, it’s a bad day at the office. Simple as that.”

It’s hard to argue with Bisping’s sentiment though. Back in 2017, Ngannou set a world record for punching power, and an uninhibited shot down low from “The Predator” would be no one’s definition of a good time. However, Bisping ultimately did admit that he would have a price to take that shot, but he couldn’t quite put a number on it.

“Yeah, there is! (But) it’s pretty high…. Your testicles are going to explode,” Bisping said. “They really are. They are not designed to withstand that impact. I don’t know what’s the hardest you’ve been hit in the balls, I don’t know what mine is either but still, it’s not that hard. It doesn’t equate to a Francis Ngannou death punch but whatever it was, it god damn hurt.”

MMA, the sport of philosopher kings.

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